The Game Plan

Another couple ‘hits the road!’ Being a part of the tail end of the boomers, and having reached the milestone of 65 (Larry), we paused for a while and asked ourselves the question: ‘What now?’ Having been an avid reader of International Magazine for a number of years Larry quickly pointed out how much less costly it can be living in a bunch of nice countries. Getting out the calculator we concluded that if we rented out our house and lived in less expensive locations, we ‘should’ be able to enjoy a season of (budget) traveling.

In April 2015 we put our house into the hands of renters and started the traveling journey. First, however, we needed to tie up some loose ends here in Canada. 2015 was a year of many celebrations including graduations, birthdays (the milestone kind), visits with family in Alberta and Ontario, and awaiting a minor surgery (for Penny). In our first six months we ‘lived’ in Twin Lakes (south of Penticton), Cobble Hill (Vancouver Island), Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, and also enjoyed a final few weeks back in Kelowna.

The journey so far has been one of shifting our perspective on our planning horizon. Having spent the previous decades planning careers and raising a family, we are now learning to become content with the question of ‘Where shall we go for the next 2 to 3 months?’ This is quickly followed by the question: ‘Where will we live while we are there?’ And once we arrive, the time horizon of the question we pose becomes much shorter – ‘What shall we do today?’ Thus far we have been traveling via vehicle (a 2004 Toyota 4Runner) that is loaded up with our bikes, sometimes our golf clubs, some minimal camping gear (the back up plan), and a few other essentials. Perhaps in 2016 we will be ready to convert to a pack back and an airline ticket!

November we point our truck towards Mexico and anticipate six months of exploring Baja Sur – primarily the Sea of Cortez side of the state. We have spent time in Baja Norte and are looking forward to spending time in a culture we love and exploring some new places.

Here are some pictures of the places we have been thus far!

Similkameen River, Keremeos BC

Similkameen River, Keremeos BC


Little Tunnel, KVR cycling trail north of Naramata


Kaledan, Okanagan Vally on the shores of Skaha Lake (another cycling trail)


Kinsol Trestles Vancouver Island (cycling trail)


Exploring Salt Spring Island (Penny with our daughters Rachel and Alysha)


Sombrio Beach


Sandbar Lake Provincial Park Ontario (Northern) and coffee!


Batchewana Provincial Park Lake Superior, Ontario


Family Time Sleeping Dunes National Park, Lake Michigan, Mich (swimming September 26th!!)


Bad lands South Dakota


Mount Rushmore, Black Hills South Dakota


Historic Lead, South Dakota


Little Big Horn, Indian Memorial, Montana


Little Big Horn Cemetery, Montana



  1. Peggy · October 29, 2015

    Wow you both are very inspiring. Enjoy Mexico!!


  2. Diane and Gary Gretzinger · October 31, 2015

    They say when you fly you get a different perspective of things. As you have somewhat “flew the coop”. I think that you are on this journey of obtaining some wonderful new perspectives. Enjoy !!!


  3. Gary Ockenden · February 15, 2016

    Okay – officially envious! I love the adventure, learning and in-the-momentness of road trips in general. Doing it together and stretching it out like you guys – priceless! 🙂


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