Cobble Hill

tresell 4

Looking down at the Koksilah River. How dry it was.

quarry 2

Relaxing at the Quarry

cowichan bay 11

Cowichan Bay- could be one of our next homes

cowichan bay 10

or maybe this one

cobble hill farm

Cobble Hill farm

cowichan bay 3

Cowichan Bay boat museum

cowichan bay 9

Cowichan Bay marina

cowichan bay 1

Cowichan Bay

cobble hill farm.3JPG.

Cobble Hill hike

cobble hill farm.2JPG

Cobble Hill farm

cobble hill farm.4JPG.

Our Cobble Hill home


The Quarry

goose 4

Galloping Goose Trail

goose 3

Yep, the Galloping Goose Trail

goose 1

Last One – Galloping Goose Trail

beach 11

Tidal pool, Sombrero Beach

beach 9

Alysha the lookout

beach 7

Whoops, I was growing the wrong way

beach 6

Sombrero beach

beach 4

Sombrio Beach

beach 3

Sombrio Beach

bamerton beach 1

Ooh, is frio

neigh pond

Wetlands in the neighbourhood of Cobble Hill

hike 4

Three smiling ladies at the top of the hike.

cherry hiil vineyard

Cherry Hill Vineyards

goose 6

From Cycling the Galloping Goose Trail

tresell 2

Brief History of the Kinsol Trestle The Kinsol Trestle also known as the Koksilah River Trestle is a wooden railway crossing of the (you guessed it) the Koksilah river. Completed in 1920, it’s dimensions are 44m (144 ft.) high and 188m (617 ft.) long making it the longest wooden trestle in the Commonwealth and one of the highest wooden trestles in the world. The rail line was started in 1911 by the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway (CNPR) and while it was designed by railroad engineers it was built by local farmers and loggers with investment funds from the Canadian Western Lumber Company which was the largest lumber company in the world at that time. The last train to cross the Trinsol was in 1979 and the Trestle was abandoned 1 year later.

tresell 3

And another pic of the Kinsol Trestle.

tresell 8

The Kinsol Trestle

tresell 7

Looking down at the Koksilah River. How dry it was.